This month marks 10 years that I’ve been paid to build web user interfaces. And today is the second anniversary of Guillermo Rauch’s essay Pure UI. Those two anniversaries have led me to reflect on the past and future of UI development.

The past 10 years has seen major improvements…

Thanks to an extended holiday vacation and some family illnesses, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks reading about how people and teams learn. It was really interesting.

Why read about learning?

A few months ago, I started working at Stripe. It has felt like Neo getting plugged into the training modules. Except…

An introduction and gentle first steps in a series where we’ll read the Preact codebase and try to completely understand it.

About the series

I assume you are already familiar with the React component model and virtual dom rendering. A first React book or online course should be enough background. I also assume you know what Preact is and are interested in it either to make your applications load faster or just because you…

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