<iframe>able finance

Designing and building embeddable UIs

Adam Solove
2 min readNov 7, 2023

An aside: most of my writing is now on my personal site, as Medium has become a slightly less pleasant place to write. I recommend browsing or subscribing to RSS over there. Nevertheless, I wanted to check that folks who have followed me for a while saw this interesting talk.

At Fintech Devcon 2023, I gave a talk on designing and building embedded UIs, based on my experiences contributing to Stripe Elements and then to Rainforest’s embedded components.

I got some great comments and questions afterwords and wanted to start a broader conversation to bring together engineers and product people working with <iframe>s.

<iframe> friends community

To get involved, sign up for the iframe-friends mailing list.

Email me if you have questions, topics you’d like to see discussed, or a request for review on your proposed new embedded UI.

I’ll shortly be sending out further resources based on those questions as well as sharing an invite for future group discussions.


You can download the slides as a pdf. although note that some of the diagrams have animations that won’t work well statically and really need video to do them justice.


I want to repeat what I said in the talk: while I have tried to gather together this information and make it easily available to more people, I am not primarily responsible for having learned or designed most of the things in this talk.

A huge thanks to the people who taught me or learned together with me, especially: Alex, Jenan, Michelle, David, and Tyler. You know who you are. I’m just trying to pay it forward.